We started our first cattle farming in 1990. Initially, we were interested in the sturdy Galloway breed from Scotland.
We then expanded our experience into farming Angus beef cattle, which has proved to be an advantage while raising water buffalos.

In 2010 we purchased several hectares of swampy meadows near Łętowskie Lake in Poland.

Initially, we had a lack of ideas on how to use the purchased land.
Having watched a documentary, we found out about water buffalo farming in Europe and were surprised to learn that the breed is used for meat production as well as for protection of swampy areas, mainly in
Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and particularly in Hungary.

We found these proud animals stunning and we knew we would be able to create a perfect environment for breeding on our land, according to the rhythm and living conditions specific for this species.

We made a trip to Hungary, where we got in touch with one of the largest water buffalo breeders. Those very nice and helpful people allowed us to commune with these fascinating animals.

We decided to purchase a herd of broodmares, which was transported to Poland.

As of present, our buffalos live in natural conditions specific for this species, in a herd of broodmares with offspring and in a year-round extensive production system.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Michael Schlegel

Cattle Galloway


Cattle Angus