Water buffalos originate from India and Pakistan. The species was most probably domesticated around 4000 – 3000 years B.C.
It has been known in Western Europe since approx. the 13th century. Water buffalos have been raised as domestic animals in Eastern Europe, mainly in Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania for approximately 2000 years.


The length of a water buffalo, from its head to the end of its tail, is approx. 240 to 300 cm, and height at withers is 90 to 170 cm. Cows are smaller and weigh up to approx. 800 kg, while large and strong bulls may weigh even up to 1200 kg.
Water buffalos are one of the largest living even-toed ungulates.
Swamp buffalos are heavy-bodied and have a stocky build. The skin is grey to black-coloured.
The horns may be up to 2 metres long, they are wide and flat. The horns do not grow above the head but outward, and curve in a semicircle with ends facing upwards.



Two types of water buffalo are recognised, namely: the swamp buffalo and the river buffalo.
On our farm we raise swamp buffalo, which is also known as the domestic buffalo. (Bubalus Bubalis).


Water buffalos live in herds with hierarchical structure. Most often, a leader cow that is respected by other animals leads the herd. Water buffalos are intelligent animals that have a strong character.
Generally speaking, they are friendly creatures, however they are distrustful towards other animals and strangers.



One of the biological peculiarities of the water buffalo is its ability to adapt to environmental and climate conditions.
Moreover, they do not require any special feed and are disease-resistant.
Our buffalos live all year round in a herd, in a free-range farming system. They may shelter themselves in a dry shed that protects them from the wind and is permanently supplied with running water.
During summertime, water buffalos spend most of their time in water or mud. They enjoy being immersed deep in the water and sometimes only their heads are visible above the surface. The animals easily tolerate winter temperatures of up to -25*C.


In Europe water buffalos are raised for their milk or meat.
Buffalo milk is used mainly to produce mozzarella cheese.



In comparison to beef, water buffalo meat contains approx. 50% less cholesterol, is lean and considerably richer in minerals, particularly vitamins A and B12.
In comparison to beef, water buffalo meat has a deep red colour.
Due to the fact that our animals are being raised in accordance with nature and are not fed with additional feed, they grow slower, while their meat has perfect texture and exquisite aroma. The meat is neither dry nor fibrous.
We raise water buffalos mainly to obtain the highest quality of meat production and also for offspring.